Crypto Currency Mining Technologies
Powering the World's Blockchain Ecosytems
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Even the most distributed ledgers need to be powered - that's why we started CCM Technologies.

Who we are

CCM is a mining company at core. A team of technology experts and commodity mining veterans, CCM is where industrial expertise meets digital innovation. 

We are a team of seasoned experts with the goal of creating and building out the backbone of a new digital asset class. We believe in the power of blockchain technology and expect it to revolutionize the world.

While the commodities that we‘re mining are the building blocks of a digital revolution, we know that true value lies in the right production - that‘s why at CCM, our focus lies on the physical and the virtual. 

Our Values

We believe that the decentralized nature of blockchains will change our world economy in nearly every aspect. It brings unparalleled transparency, trust and accessibility to our current system.


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